Best Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale – Las Olas Boulevard Dining

Las Olas Boulevard is a wonderful place for day or evening dining. Our dining options offer many different types of cuisine – anything from American to French Crepes and everything in between! With so many of the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas Boulevard, many with Al Fresco dining options, we have made it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. By simply going to the EAT section above, you can navigate through all of the different restaurants on Las Olas Boulevard in one easy step!

There aren’t very many streets that can beat Las Olas Boulevard for dining out. Whatever your taste buds desire and whatever your budget allows – you’ll find a great restaurant, café or bar on Las Olas Boulevard.

Fine dining restaurants, casual restaurants, romantic dinners…come and dine in lovely surroundings or in a cute, busy café. Enjoy meals prepared by well-known chefs, see the best live entertainment at our different venues or just do some people watching from one of our sidewalk cafés. Everything you need is here…