For Immediate Release,Fort Lauderdale, FL – The Downtown Jewish Preschool (DJP) is proud to announce an Epic Event on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 7:30 pmJewish Preschool Art Fort Lauderdale
Art pieces made exclusively by the students of the Downtown Jewish Preschool will be exhibited and auctioned off at the Igal Fedida Fine Art Gallery & Atelier on Las Olas Boulevard.

This one of a kind event containing Jewish Preschool Art of Fort Lauderdale provides parents with timeless classical pieces to hand down for generations.

DJP is the First Progressive Reggio Inspired Preschool in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with an emphasis on child centered and social constructionist environment. The art exhibit is a true synthesis and demonstration of the pedagogy and philosophy behind this innovative and modern school. “We believe in the hundred languages of children and enabling them to express themselves in as many forms and mediums as possible”, says Devorah Kaplan,Director of the Preschool.
Last year, the art exhibit was at the Steen Family Education and Event Center. Rabbi Kaplan shares, “Thank G-d, we have grown so much that we needed a bigger and better spot for the evening event!
Always looking to take it up a notch and be innovative, Devorah was in search of just the RIGHT place to host the children’s art. “After meeting with Igal in his exotic gallery and hearing his vision and heart of his talent, we knew it was a match! So we have taken the art from our Atelier to his Atelier and giving it the respect and publicity it deserves!”
The art is a collection of projects and re-purposed art that the children have created over the year. There will also be individualized art pieces by the kids, that have been inspired by Igals direction and tutelage.

We are happy to bring together the community in this wonderful venture!
In response to the growing demand in the community and in pursuit of a refreshing approach to early childhood education with the spotlight on a Jewish ambiance, the DJP was founded by Rabbi Shney & Devorah Kaplan of the Downtown Jewish Center Chabad