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Enjoy Seven Themed Weekends of Folklore, Celebrations, and Magic as We Turn Back Time to the 16thCentury When Pirates, Vikings, Villains, and Heroes Reigned!

For three decades, patrons of the Florida Renaissance Festival have traveled back in time to become the Villains, Vikings, Pirates, and Heroes of age-old legends. As the incredible family-friendly festival prepares to open to new audiences in 2022, it brings with it a magical allure for one and all.

In 2022, the Kingdom will be graced by returning favorite acts alongside completely new performances guaranteed to entertain and delight festival patrons. The extensive village is an experience in time travel, greeting fans with jousting knights, harmonious melodies, wicked wenches, magicians, and more. A feast made for a King or Queen of favorite food and drink await hungry travelers dressed for celebration, as do the numerous paths leading to artisan craft shops, live music, jesters and much more.

The Florida Renaissance Festival is produced by the nationally acclaimed Bobby Rodriguez Production and strives to create an entertaining and cultural experience for adults and children alike. The sponsors of the 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival include Comcast, Sapporo, Unibroue Brewery, 1911 Established, Visit Lauderdale and JM Love Law.

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