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What if everything you needed to rejuvenate the healing of your mind, body and spirit was already within you? Imagine if this wisdom contained not only remedies for your life but also preventative practices. Activate the healing power of the chakras in this 7 series workshop to build, nourish, and balance your well-being as you navigate the healing process. In each of the 7 classes, participants will gain knowledge of the chakras with a focus on one chakra per session. Learn which organs and parts of the body each chakra regulates as well as the qualities and characteristics of life with which each is associated. We will journal, meditate, practice asanas (yoga poses) that open and balance the chakras, and experience sound healing catered to the specific chakra for which we are balancing during each session. A set of crystals will be provided for each participant which are aligned with each chakra and how to use the stones to aid in healing.

How different would your life be if you could harness this knowledge to experience better physical health, more peace of mind, and a sense of alignment, fullfillment and purpose? This workshop will help harness these timeless energy healing teachings of the past and incorporate them into their modern-day life. We need this healing like never before.

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