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Fort Lauderdale, FL – For Sonia Terboss, juicing isn’t a mere fad, it’s literally a way of life. And, as of Saturday, July 25th, she is bringing all the benefits associated with juicing to Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale and beyond via her health-focused retail store, SpaJuiceBar. Smoother complexion, healthier body, improved performance and more lustrous locks are all inclusive of the juicing lifestyle. But, as Sonia explains, the benefits of juicing run much more than skin deep.

Sonia Terboss was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, and to enhance the benefits of the traditional medical treatments she received, lumpectomy and radiation, she began integrating juicing into her daily nutritional plan by consuming 64 ozs. per day of cold-pressed, veggie juice. “I had learned from a friend that juicing is a great way to replenish the body with vital nutrients and to boost the immune system. My goal was to supply my body with the vital nutrients to assist my doctors in ridding my body of cancer.” Now, cancer-free at 52, the silky skinned optimist wants to pass on her experience and knowledge about juicing to South Floridians through SpaJuiceBar.

With hydraulic cold-pressed juicing, the fruit, vegetables and herbs are triturated and pressed between two plates applying thousand of pounds of pressure. This extracts the juice from the microscopic fibers of the plant base, thus maximizing both juice quantities and nutritional content. The juice is completely without fiber, only liquid nutrients remain for optimum absorption. Cold-pressed juicing is a very slow process that yields a premium, raw and unheated product with a shelf life of four days. In contrast to the alternative “centrifuge” juicing process, the taste of cold-pressed is lighter and nutrients are not depleted by the rapid spinning of the centrifuge system. “It’s at the very core of SpaJuiceBar, organic and raw 100% cold-pressed juicing – nothing more, nothing less,” declares Terboss.

“During the build-out of the SpaJuiceBar retail store, the Las Olas community often strolled inside, eagerly asking when we would be opening our doors, pointing out that there is no alternative juice bar along the main drag or in the surrounding area.”

Sonia also sites that although SpaJuiceBar will offer traditional juice “cleanses”, simply adding juicing to your regular diet will yield noticeable results over time. “Juicing is a way of life, a method to enhancing your overall dining experience.” Sonia Terboss performs her civic duty in the form of speaking engagements for organizations such as the Cancer Support Community where she touts the healing benefits of juicing as an enhancement to traditional medical cancer treatment. She is implicitly clear that when dealing with any form of medical ailment, consulting with your physician is always top priority.

SpaJuiceBar opened its doors on Saturday, July 25th at 1217 E Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale and also serves an organic, health-conscious, limited food menu as well as an array of smoothies, elixirs, ice coffees and nut milks. However, their line of 100% cold-pressed juices bearing the store’s namesake is at the forefront of their offering. They currently deliver in the Broward County area.


Spa Juice Bar is owned by Sonia and John Terboss and is located at 1217 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 and serves 100% cold-pressed organic juices, smoothies, elixirs, ice coffees, nut milks and raw foods. Phone: 954-769-1806

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