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Eve on The Water puts a creative yet playful & innovative spin on our menu which is derived from various continents and cultures.

We take you on an exotic journey as our culinary team derives their inspiration from various facets of international cuisine and multiple regions across the globe to give you an experience like no other.

The use of exotic spices allows us to bring you flavors that transcends your taste buds on a journey to different cultures.

Guests can enjoy our dishes in a relaxed atmosphere and can chose from cozy indoor seating, waterside under the stars, unwind in our patio lounge or dine and mingle at our intimate bar.

We encourage a la carte dining to fully experience what we’re all about. With small plate options, they are above tapas style but large enough to share.

The inspiration from various cultures & continents as well as the use of exotic spices is the reason we define our cuisine as Eclectic Gourmet.

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