WonderMunch Food and History Tour

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WonderMunch Food and History Tour
50647940_2153307768315057_7116166506257317888_nWonderMunch Food and History Tour

WonderMunch is an interactive-fun, tasty food & factual history tour

Combining city landmarks, sights to see, & things to do in Fort Lauderdale’s with the best 4 locally owned restaurants & serves guests 4 portions of food from the tastiest local eateries the city has to offer. These food stops include an espresso starter, two main courses as well as an all you can eat dessert with Ice-cream, gelato, yogurt, sorbet, custard & of course unlimited toppings!”

Fort Lauderdale’s History has a wide array of interesting, personalities & characters including rich tycoons, damsels in distress, widows left on their own to fend for themselves, politicians, fires, hurricanes, war & of course a love story!

With the best food tour in Fort Lauderdale & the best history tour in Fort Lauderdale combining into one, you end up with this tasty history treat known as WonderMunch – The Food & History tour of Fort Lauderdale!

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401 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, United States
Phone: 954-580-6900
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