Fort Lauderdale, FL: Las Olas Capital Arts has stirred the youth of Ft. Lauderdale by creating a new branch called Las Olas Capital Arts Ambassadors. This new group is dedicated to providing las-olas-capital-artshumanitarian support to philanthropic causes. The team, managed by Jerrod Tanner, and his two friends Dylan Hoyt, and Matthew Cappola appeals to the youth of Fort Lauderdale. Through promoting their program at their local high schools, they plan to expand the number of volunteers they have to help those in need on a wider scale and bring awareness and advocacy to many causes in the community.

“It has been great to see the boys’ progress as a team. I see them in the office working on their organization, working on making a difference. I am excited to see how this organization will continue to grow.”-Melissa Stephenson, Las Olas Capital Advisors Brand Architect.

There are many events for those interested in getting involved. The Ambassadors hope to host additional raffles, car washes, and animal adoption days. Visit for more information on upcoming events.

Las Olas Capital Arts

Las Olas Capital Arts was created out of a passion for the arts and the arts community by its founder and curator, Jodi Tanner. The mission behind Las Olas Capital Arts is to support local and emerging artistsand help them become a viable part of the business and economic community. The initiative promotes the work of one chosen artist by exhibiting their art on the Las Olas Capital Advisors office walls for a period of three to four months. During that period, Las Olas Capital Arts holds a reception in honor of the artist as well as creating marketing materials for the artist’s benefit.

Contact: Jerrod Tanner
Las Olas Capital Arts
(954) 289-4693
[email protected]