For Immediate Release – Dec 2017 -“Chanukah’s message – the power of light over darkness – is not an exclusively Jewish ideal.  Rather, it is relevant to participants of all faiths and nationalities,” says Rabbi Chaim Slavaticki, Spiritual Leader of the Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center.   “To celebrate this cherished festive holiday with the community, we are planning an exciting, multi-faceted series of events on Tuesday, December 12th, starting with a parade through downtown Fort Lauderdale, a Menorah Lighting and an awesome Chanukah Festival, with a live DJ, petting zoo, rides, bounce houses, a magician, balloon making, live music, latkes, pizza, donuts and more!  The family oriented Chanukah Festival is free and open to the public.

The motorcade will begin at 4:00 p.m. at the Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center, 1302 East Las Olas and will have a police escort as it winds its way through downtown Fort Lauderdale.  “We will have a fleet of cars from DS18, featuring the loudest cars in the U.S.!” enthused Steve Cohen, a long-time member of the congregation.  DS18 is an audio company that transforms all types of cars into giant speakers and will be sending an entire fleet of cars – hummers, pickup trucks and other cars.  Anyone that wants to enter their ‘traditional’ cars, are welcome.  The DS18 cars will be adorned with custom designed Chanukah menorahs popularizing the festival.  The cars return to Chabad for a Menorah Lighting at 5:00 p.m., where the first 100 children will receive a Chanukah present.

Following the Menorah Lighting, the fun festivities begin!  “We are always looking for new ideas to keep the kids involved and excited. The Menorah Parade is a perfect way to allow them to show their Jewish pride,” says Chayale Slavaticki director of the Las Olas Bear Family Hebrew School.  “When kids experience their religion and its holidays in a fun and interactive way, the memories will last a lifetime.”  Chayale also runs the Friendship Circle; a program providing monthly social events to special needs children and young adults.

“Each year we bring this universal message to as many people as possible. The Menorah Parade is another fabulous way of sharing this important tenant with the greater community,” Rabbi Slavaticki said. “Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center’s Menorah Parade is one of thousands of Chanukah celebrations sponsored by Chabad throughout the world, helping children and adults of all walks of life discover and enjoy the holiday message.”

Las Olas Chabad Jewish center offers Jewish education, outreach and social service programming for families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and affiliations. For more information, contact Rabbi Chaim Slavaticki a 954-780-6770 or email [email protected].  The Chanukah event is sponsored by the Stahl Family, in honor of its Brothers and Sisters in IDF.

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