“If you’re looking for one great pizza, great sandwiches, good gelato, and the best ciabatta bread you can have…go to Pane e Dolci! Excellent expresso and pastries. You wont be disappointed” IMG_1260wrote Trip Advisor Reviewer in March 2015.

We couldn’t agree more!

Italian influence is ever-present when walking through the doors of Pan’e Dolci at 613 E. Las Olas Blvd.  Known for bringing authentic bites of Italy to the Ft. Lauderdale community, Pan’e Dolci offers small items such as cannolis, biscotti, croissants, and breads. Everything is made in-house and provides a sense of how dining out in Europe would be, as the petite bakery makes it a mission to provide a realistic representation of how things are across the pond. Whether it be daily-churned gelato, freshly baked breads, or expertly made espressos, you can sense the love put into every item you get, which leads you to realize why this place is as successful as it is.

Pastry Chef Roberto was born in Viareggio located within the Region of Tuscany, a charmed and equally blessed by the genius of man and nature, and often by the combined efforts of both. Tuscany still enchants us today because it holds together as a region, from the tiniest hamlet to Florence the Magnificent.

A must for TO GO Boxes:  Best selling Pastries and Cookies:

Bananina (almond paste, honey with sugar and almonds)
Pane di Siena – traditional cookies from Tuscany ( raisins, hazelnut, almonds, egg white, powder sugar) also known as soft biscotti)
Amaretto (almond flavor, almond paste and sugar)
Baci di dama or Lady’s kisses ( almond, sugar, chocolate and butter)

New York Cheescake with berry’s ( cream cheese with berries and the bottom is made of almonds and nutella)
Italian cheescake (with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips)
Chocolate mousse cake

Ciabatta (A traditional slipper shaped bread from Lake Como with remarkable mix of rustic texture and tantalizing taste.)
Cassarecio ( Classic Northern Italian round, rustic)
Filone ( the Italian baquette, long and crusty with softer chewy center)
Pane Olive ( Large imported Italian olives and kneaded into the final dough for rich color and flavor) and
Whole wheat

For more information, you may contact Pane Dolci directly at 954-306-2028