Following is an excerpt from Sr. Warden Carol Nissen’s comments/announcement from Sunday Sept 4,2016:Mother Leslie

“After working over 2000+ hours vetting candidates, the dedicated members of the Search Committee came to the vestry 2 weeks ago and submitted their findings and recommendations. After unanimous agreement by the search committee and a unanimous vote by vestry, the Bishop literally stepped outside and made the call.

For the past 10 months or so we have been praying for a faithful pastor and priest. She is definitely a pastor. (Yes – I said “SHE!”) She describes her role as one to help others discern their gifts and empower them to minister in their own way. She believes in the people of the congregation shaping and molding the direction of the ministries.

Pastoral care to her is not something given only to the members of the church – it’s given to the surrounding community. People may not remember the words, but they remember that you were there for them. During her visit to Fort Lauderdale, she showed us that she truly watches her flock. Before getting on her flight, she took the time to check in on a parishioner coming out of surgery. And after a meal here, she tended to one of our own and made sure he got to where he needed to be safely.
Her community is so important to her. She asked for all of the names of the search committee, the transition team and once she had pictures of our vestry and started to pray over us. When she is faced with finding someone to lead a ministry, she doesn’t look for the easy or usual suspects, she prays over her directory to find the RIGHT person.

We have prayed for someone to JOIN US in our ministries.
I, as your Senior Warden – as a member of 25+ years – with a history even longer, have the privilege of announcing the call of our new priest: The Reverend Leslie Hague!

Leslie does not believe in the “top down” practice of leadership. She practices a leadership style that invites members of the congregation to participate in the direction of the organization – the church. She has a strong collaborative style of leadership that will work well here. We have gone through focus groups and discussions over the past few years and we say that we are on the verge of moving from a rector-centric parish to a program or congregational-centric model.
In Mother Leslie’s sermon when she visited, she challenged us. A week after the tragedy in Orlando, she asked us to see the dangers of dividing the world into us and them. She led us to a place of forgiveness. When answering the essay questions in the application, she identified conflicts openly and her wisdom and strength in dealing with them.
We have prayed for a new rector to be “in ministry in our parish, town, and diocese”.

Our vestry has prayed for months for this day. Coming all the way from St. Michaels Episcopal Church in Arlington, Va., we are all very excited Mother Leslie will be joining us with her wife Katie Casteel mid-October. Mark your calendars, her Institution Service and Celebration is planned for Wednesday evening, October 19.

This is indeed a time for celebration! A time for us to welcome the future of All Saints!”

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