Mark your Pet’s calendar for Saturday, October 8th at 5 pm at All Saints Episcopal Church Fort Lauderdale.

Each year All Saints holds a blessing of the animals. A procession of animals, (dogs, cats, birds and your unique pets) are invited to All Saints for a special ceremony called Blessing of the Pets. This custom is conducted in remembrance of St. Francis of Assisi’s love for all creatures. It is a great time to gather together and honor and give thanks for our animal friends. Father Carl Beasley, assisted by Deacon Jon Owens, will offer blessings to those animals present for our outside worship service in Jensen Courtyard. For those animal friends unable to attend the pet blessing, “to go bags” will be available on Sunday. Come join us for this annual tradition at all Saints. Refreshments will be served. For any questions, Contact Joe Deitz at [email protected] or call the church office at (954) 467-6496.

All Saints Church is located at 333 Tarpon Drive just off Las Olas Boulevard in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The blessing of pets and animals is often celebrated on October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, or on a Sunday near that date.  The blessing of each animal, by name, means that health, healing and life are being mediated from God for the benefit of the animal in its relationship with its human partners.