March 2018- Every Thursday at 6:30 p.m., you’ll see dozens of health minded people leaving Sonia Terboss’ SpaJuice Bar at 1217 East Las Olas… and running down Las Olas to A1A to the beach!  No kidding…

To Sonia Terboss, juicing isn’t a mere fad, it’s literally a way of life. Since opening the health-focused organic juice bar and vegan cafe in 2015, she has been building a loyal clientele, based on of health minded locals who visit multiple times per week.  Sonia has now added some more outstanding vegan food items to her their menu and is really getting more active in the community through her SpaJuiceBar Run Club.  Everyone who participates is a winner and gets a free bottle of juice after the walk/run.

Every Thursday evening, SpaJuiceBar wants to make you healthy and ready to go.

The SpaJuiceBar Run Club #spajuicebarrun. meets up at 6:30pm for a fun run from the juice bar to A1A and back.  If you want to go earlier, you can start at 5:30 and run or walk the course on that day. However, the run club will start at 6:30pm. Each Thursday you receive a free juice when you go on a run or fast walk, and post a pic to Instagram, Facebook or any other social media site with #spajuicebarrun, #spajuicebar. Afterwards, bring your phone in to SpaJuiceBar and show your posting of you, to get a free juice.

Why are they doing it?  “ I see it as an active moment for people to get together and do something healthy in the midst of their busy lives. SpaJuiceBar wants to offer hospitality, health and wellness to the community”, says Sonia.  There’s a very special connection running with people, it brings people together with a common intent.

The run club, welcomes all pace runners and fast walkers from the juice bar over the Las Olas bridge to A1A and back. “It’s a relaxed way to end your busy day”, says John Terboss

So, listen up… if you’re health minded… or it was one of those almost forgotten New Year’s resolutions, then get your running shoes and head over to the SpaJuiceBar around 6:30 p.m. each Thursday.  The run to the beach and back is both scenic and fun.  And… wait a minute…Don’t forget to take a pic and post it on social media with #spajuicebarrun to receive a free recovery juice. You must show the post to receive a juice. #spajuicebarrun #spajuicebar

SpaJuiceBar serves 100% cold-pressed organic juices, vegan food, smoothies, elixirs, ice coffees, and nut milks. raw foods. Call (954) 769-1806 or visit