For immediate release: Sept 9, 2015

At first glance Tipsy SalonBar owners Matt and Beth Lindahl appear to be another young professional couple on the rise in South Florida.  However, when Beth opens her mouth, her slight southern accent draws you in with refreshing warmth and authenticity that takes your breath away.

I had the pleasure to attend the Grand Opening of Tipsy SalonBar located at 1503 E. Las Olas.  The smart, savvy combination of cocktails and salon services in a sweet and friendly atmosphere creates the perfect combination for success.  But behind the scenes is an inspirational story of hard work and triumph of spirit that keeps this family business centered in the American dream.  Matt Lindahl greeted guests at the opening with unbelievable pride for his bride of 6 years and could barely contain his excitement to introduce her.

Beth Lindahl hails from a small Arkansas town where she and her three siblings were raised by a single mom.

Her mother, Luong Nguyen, small in stature but mighty in strength and determination, raised her family and put all four children through medical school by opening her own salon.  Money may have been tight but this family was rich in love and spirit.  “It’s part of our culture”, said Beth, who is of Vietnamese descent.  Beth recalls lying about her age at 13 yrs old so that she could work in a factory making plastic hangers to help out the family.

Luong’s gift for impeccable service proved to be a success and the Arkansas business expanded. The children were heavily involved and worked at the salons after school to help out their mother in the family business.  The children grew and went off to college keeping the same work ethic and family values as they embarked on their respective medical careers.

In 2005, Luong sold the business and moved her family to the warmer weather of South Florida to accommodate a health issue.  At that time Beth was preparing for her medical residency when her brother, Thanh Nguyen, came to her with the idea for “Tipsy” and the adventure began.  “As a family, we support each other’s dreams,” said Beth, “it’s just what we do.”  The concept was born and the first Tipsy SalonBar opened in Wellington that same year.

When asked about the Las Olas location, Beth said she and her family were visiting Fort Lauderdale and decided to stop in for a salon service at what was then Las Olas Beauty.  Beth fell in love with the ambiance of the street and said “I knew there was something special about Las Olas”.  She made a very bold offer to purchase the salon during that visit…and the rest is history.  Tipsy Salonbar on Las Olas opened in August 2015 with the southern hospitality of a lifelong friend in an upscale setting.

Ten years after its inception in Wellington, Tipsy has grown into a franchise of 5 salons with more planned in Miami, Delray, and Boyton Beach with aspirations to extend to nationwide.  The family has grown, too.  Beth and Matt are the proud parents of two toddlers, ages three and 18 months.  No doubt these children will be raised with the same family values and work ethic instilled by their grandmother.  You can find Beth, her mom, her cousins and the extended Tipsy “family” on any given day working long hours to make sure their guests are well taken care of.  “I love what I do…I would do it even if I didn’t get paid!” said Beth.

We love your passion Beth!  Thank you for bringing your dream to Las Olas!

Tipsy Salonbar Las Olas is located at 1503 E. Las Olas.  Open Monday through Saturday, 9am-10pm.  Sunday 11am-8pm. Salon services include: hair, nails, waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, permanent make-up, facials, and skin care.  Tipsy SalonBar Corporation recently merged with Board certified Dr. Bao Doan M.D., adding upscale services on botox, fillers, and rejuvenation to their spa menu. For more information call 954-779-2616 or