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Downtown Jewish Center Chabad (DJCC) is the epicenter of Jewish Life in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Our unique approach and unconditional acceptance of every Jew, regardless of their background, level of observance or affiliation, has created a dynamic and flourishing Jewish community. We are proud of our two centers: The DJCC Bet Ovadia Synagogue located at 900 E Broward Blvd. and our Steen Family Jewish Education & Event Center located just one block East at 1012 E Broward Blvd. Our facilities serve as a meeting place for social, religious, educational, cultural, and family events. Where young and old, can enhance their awareness of the Jewish faith and its traditions.

Downtown Jewish Center Chabad (DJCC) Offers:

  • Synagogue
  • Education & Event Center
  • Hebrew School
  • Hebrew for Home-schoolers
  • Mommy n Me
  • Kid Shabbat & Birthday Club
  • Hebrew High Teen Club
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Clubs & Instruction
  • JFLYP Young Professionals
  • Business Networking
  • Shabbat and Holiday Prayer Services
  • Holiday Awareness Programs
  • Shabbat and Holiday Communal Dinners & Events
  • Adult Education & Lectures Series
  • One-on-One Study
  • Lunch n Learns
  • Hospital Chaplaincy & visitation
  • Prison Chaplaincy & visitation
  • Seniors Visitation
  • Lifecycle Events
  • Marriage Prep
  • Funeral Services
  • Women’s Connection Group
  • Toys for Hospitalized children
  • Clothesline & RAK Clothing Pantry
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