2021/2022 Las Olas Association Board of Directors

*indicates second year of 2 year term

Luke Moorman - Board of Directors | The Las Olas Boulevard AssociationLuke Moorman, President and Chairman of the Board of the Las Olas Association – owner of Carroll’s Jewelers, is a 4th Generation Las Olas Business owner and Las Olas Association member. The Moorman Family has been doing business on Las Olas Boulevard since 1960 and continues to lead the family business into the next generation.

The Moorman Legacy was evident early on in Luke’s childhood to follow a passion for service and love of all things Las Olas. Luke’s leadership came naturally as he took on the role of Las Olas Association President in 2010 and has guide the Boulevard through both small and massive changes over the subsequent years. Luke has his diamond accreditation through the Gemological Institute of American and has the honor of being a Registered Jeweler with the American Gem Society.

Luke and his family enjoy many successes in business on and off the Boulevard and continue to grow their family footprint in Fort Lauderdale to insure its validity for the next generation.
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Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner - Board of Directors | The Las Olas Boulevard AssociationJodi Jeffreys-Tanner, Vice President of Las Olas Association. Las Olas Capital Advisors is a native Floridian and has spent most of her life in Fort Lauderdale. She has been married to Paul Tanner for 21 years, with whom she has 3 sons, Jerrod, Stephen, and Garrett. Jodi is a Founder of Las Olas Capital Advisors, a wealth management firm located on Las Olas Boulevard. She is also the Founder and Curator of Las Olas Capital Arts, a not for profit entity that celebrates and supports local and emerging artists and advocates for the cultural arts in South Florida.

In its three years Las Olas Capital Arts has shown to be an incredible support system for the cultural arts in South Florida and is currently hosting its 10th solo exhibition. Las Olas Capital Arts chooses artists that not only showcase their beautiful art but use their platform to bring awareness to issues within their local communities or abroad.

Jodi hopes that the model she has created can help lead the way for many other businesses to support the flourishing arts that South Florida has to offer. She currently serves as Chair of the Broward Cultural Council, is a Board Member of the Las Olas Association, and is active with organizations such as Rio Vista Community Church, Jack & Jill Children’s Center, and the Elon University Parents Council.
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Alice Harry - The Las Olas Boulevard AssociationAlice Harry, Secretary of Las Olas Association.

Alice is involved in multiple downtown Fort Lauderdale boards including Winterfest, Riverwalk, and Museum of Discovery and Science and volunteers with Pinion, Inc., a local 501c3 non-profit that conducts charitable drives and social events to raise funds for Special Olympics of Broward.

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Charlie LaddCharlie Ladd * – Owner, Barron Leasing Co. – Current Las Olas Boulevard Board Member seeking re-election. President of Barron Real Estate. Involved with ownership and leasing on Las Olas since 1996. Current properties include 250 front feet on south side of Las Olas between Tommy Bahama and Louie Bossi, 300 front feet on north side of Las Olas straddling SE 10th Terrace and 200 front feet on Las Olas on east side of SE 12th Ave. Many of these properties will be redeveloped and/or remodeled and re-tenanted over the next two or three years.

Integrally involved in bringing such retailers and restaurants to Las Olas as Louie Bossie, Alex & Ani, Blue Mercury, Tommy Bahama, Big City Tavern, and others since the 1990’s.

Currently a member of numerous boards and organizations including Downtown Development Authority, POLO, and Downtown Coalition. Have been heavily involved in Downtown and Las Olas improvement efforts in the past through participation in numerous planning efforts including Downtown Masterplan, 2nd Street streetscape project, city visioning committee, city streetscape committee, Board of Adjustment, and others.
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Ina MitskevichIna Mitskevich, Senior Manager of Audit and Attest Services, CPA Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPA’s. Ina provides accounting, auditing, and consulting services to privately held businesses. With nearly 10 years of experience in the audit and accounting field, she serves a diverse client base in a variety of industries including real estate development and management, distribution, and retail.

Mitskevich has worked with companies in the private and public sectors. She applies her knowledge and expertise to clients reporting under U.S. and international accounting standards. She is a member of the audit and attest services technical guidance committee. Mitskevich is fluent in Russian.

William Walker - The Las Olas Boulevard AssociationWilliam Walker (aka Bill Walker), Principal Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale has a proven track record leading successful ventures in business, the marine industry and, public service. This 150-employee business, focused on guest services and excellent marine practices, has a proven track record of safety and reliability. These experiences transporting guests for public services, and private ventures, along with marketing have created excellent brand recognition. Financial management, budget preparation, human resources management, Government interaction and implementing growth in the marine industries are some of Bill’s strengths for success.

Water Taxi was purchased in late 2007 with a focus on branding, growth, community and, corporate partnerships. It has become the signature service in the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area as a tourist destination and private transportation system.

We have developed a system with multiple stops that allow the local businesses and Water Taxi to give guests a great experience at destinations along the waterways. Strategizing with employees of Water Taxi on how to be the “ambassadors of Fort Lauderdale” has set this company apart from the many other tourist attractions in South Florida.

Implementing growth in the business through marketing and partnerships with local businesses and government has been a win win for Water Taxi and many businesses and destinations in and around Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Some examples are providing direct transportation to relieve traffic and enhance the guest experience for events such as the 4th of July and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Working closely with businesses along Las Olas and the waterways to enhance the visitor or local experience and options is one of the best ways to bring added value to our guest.
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Erika DelrioErika Del Rio – Executive Director was general manager of Gran Forno Pronto since 2012. Have more than 10 years of experience as a Restaurant Manager on the Ft. Lauderdale area. Prior to Pronto managed Hot Tomatoes, Las Olas and Cafe Del Mar a 220-seat restaurant on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, where I worked myself up from being a bartender and server. Have been on the restaurant industry for 13 years and was 4 years in the retail industry in New York City at Barneys New York. Erica is also a certified yoga instructor and holds yoga classes on the beach.
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Article: How Las Olas Became My Home

las olas boulevard association

Board Members

Luke Moorman

Owner Carroll’s Jewelers

Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner*
Vice President
Administrative Officer,Las Olas Capital Advisors
Chair Broward County Cultural Division

Alice Harry*
Membership Director, Tower Club Fort Lauderdale

Leone Padula
Owner, Gran Forno Italian Bakery

Taylor Fuentes
Owner, Ann's Florist

John Gattuso
Owner, Gatman Media Services

Oualid Jaouadi
Owner, Gran Forno Pronto

Charlie Ladd
Owner, Barron Real Estate

Ina Mitskevich
Senior Manager of Audit and Attest Services, CPA Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPA's

Jocelyn Serra
Store Manager, J.Mclaughlin

William Walker
Principal Owner, Water Taxi

Pam Zirkle
Commercial Property Manager, The Las Olas Company 

Erika Del Rio
Execuitve Director

*indicates second year of 2 year term

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