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The Las Olas Association Over 55 Years Strong

The Las Olas Association was formed more than half a century ago in order for the business owners on the boulevard to communicate and support each other by working together to create a better boulevard.

Today, our purpose has not changed much – we still are a self-governing group of active business owners who see the value in working together to create a better boulevard. Each member has a chance to make an impact, build the community, and help their neighbor. We are run by a volunteer board of directors and one “Executive Director”.

Las Olas Association Committed To Promoting Our Beautiful Boulevard

The Las Olas Association is committed to promoting our beautiful boulevard year round in a variety of ways including PR, advertising, and promotions campaigns. The leadership is here as adviser and consultant for all things marketing & promotions, and to help you navigate the waters of operating a small business.

The Las Olas Association promotes East Las Olas Boulevard as a Premier shopping and dining destination within the upscale community of Las Olas Isles and Fort Lauderdale Beach.  We encourage civic functions, social and cultural events to benefit the Members of the Association and the neighboring community; we encourage the maintenance of high business standards and a spirit of cooperation among our members; and we compile and distribute business information to our members for their benefit.

Annual Membership runs from Feb 1 – Jan 31

We are a paid membership organization collectively organized and mobilized for the purpose of creating a better Boulevard and guest experience for the community.  Our members are the backbone of the organization and work tirelessly to ensure a better Boulevard for ALL who live, work, play, and visit. We represent our members’ voice in the community – the power of many has proven impact. We will continue to aggressively pursue the help of our government to improve our 3 key areas of concern.

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Las Olas Boulevard - Directory Map and Brochure (PDF)
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Board Members

The Las Olas Boulevard Association Board Members

Luke Moorman

Owner Carroll’s Jewelers

Vann Padgett
VP The Las Olas Company

Caroline Carrara
Chair Magazine Committee 
VP EWM Realty International Las Olas

Bill Renaud
Owner Kilwins Las Olas

April Kirk
Chair Marketing Committee

Executive Director Stranahan House

Charlie Ladd
Owner Barron Real Estate

Erika Del Rio
GM, Gran Forno Pronto

Adam Robin
GM, Louie Bossi

Alice Harry
Timpano Italian Chophouse Group Sales

Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner
Administrative Officer, Las Olas Capital Advisors
Chair Broward County Cultural Division

Stan Eichelbaum
President FTL Downtown Civic Association

Stacy Ritter
President/CEO Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Amber VanBuren
Executive Director

Las Olas Boulevard Association

Things To Do, Upcoming Events, Activities and Promotions

31st Las Olas Art Festival - January 6 -7, 2019

2018 Winterfest Boat Parade | Dec 15th