Las Olas Loves You - Jodi Tanner

Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner, Vice President Administrative Officer, Las Olas Capital Advisors Chair Broward County Cultural Division

Yes, the writing is on the windshield. Timestamps of sorts signifying that the drivers of those cars have gotten on a call waiting list, waited for the call, made the appointment, waited in line, and finally received their covid vaccinations…or at least one of the two of them…and those we only the ones who were doing the drive-through vaccinations. Others waited in line, sometimes for hours, in whatever weather they had to endure, all in the name of protecting ourselves and our loved ones while striving for herd immunity against the villain in this story, COVID-19.

My business is on Las Olas and as a representative of the Las Olas Association, I frequently stroll the Boulevard visiting our member businesses. I am delighted to report that I am seeing much more activity daily with shoppers and visitors, and it’s especially encouraging to see our restaurants filling up again. This is great news for all of us as it heralds the beginning of our community getting back to a sense of normalcy and doing so safely.

In my recent strolls on the Boulevard, I have been asking folks what they think of the situation now: Do they feel safer now having received their vaccination? Do they feel they still need to wear masks? Do they feel better about going out in public places? Do they think that there is light at the end of this COVID infected tunnel? Their responses have been very positive and a palpable sense of relief is almost universal in their comments. Most, if not all, felt that they were feeling safer with their vaccinations against the virus. Nobody I spoke with said they’ve refused the shot. And I’ve noticed people wearing their masks where required. That’s a good thing…

As far as data goes, a report from the dated 4/20/21, tells that of the 215,951,909 doses of vaccines given, over 113 million were Pfizer, over 94 million were Moderna and over 7 million were Johnson & Johnson. Of those who received at least one of their shots, the reported that about 41% of people were between 18 and 50 years old and 58% were between the ages of 51 and 75 years of age.

One more tiny factoid. A recent CDC study on surface transmission of COVID-19 found that the risk of surface transmission was low and that each contact with a contaminated surface has less than 1 in 10,000 chance of causing an infection. So I will lose the gloves…and just keep the hand sanitizer close by.

All in all, I feel that there is light at the end of this tunnel and our lives are already getting back to a more normal state. We are going out in public, going to more events, and spending more time with our friends and family. And Las Olas Boulevard is starting to thrive again. We all just need to do our part for the safety of ourselves and our community.

Thank you for doing your part…and I hope to see many more windshields cluttered with nonsensical writing.

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