April 1, 2018 – A Message from Las Olas Association President Luke Moorman Las Olas Boulevard Memories - Message from Las Olas Association President

Watching Las Olas grow up from five and dime to stylish and chic …

For me, Las Olas is home. Like every home, it changes as the members of the family grow and change. As I write this, El Camino will be newly opened, and I wish them all the success in the world. But for me, that location is so easily called the Seldom Seen spot, for the business that was there back in the day.  And when I think of what used to be at that address, I think back to the days of the Chemist Shop.

Shops & Stores On The Boulevard – One of the Many Memories

The Chemist Shop was your local pharmacy, five-and-dime, malt shop, and counter-top eatery for soup and a sandwich. It’s one of the many memories I have of a street that so often was my playground, growing up in the jewelry shop then run by my great-grandfather, Carroll Segher. One of our staff, Anita, who really was like family,would give me a dollar and change and send me down to the Chemist Shop to buy her Virginia Slims. I can still hear her say, “Just tell them they are for Anita.”